About us

Long time ago Argentinian Tango connected people of many nationalities and mentalities.
The same happened to us, four musicians from four different countries - Poland, Latvia, Russia and Germany. The Netherlands became a meeting point and Argentinian tango has been the main reason for our coming together. It became our entertainment, work, joy and definitely - our huge passion.  In spite of the fact that we all have very different musical backgrounds and experiences and our own musical carriers, the magic of tango music constantly keeps us playing together for several years already.

For almost 150 years of existance tango has changed its face and the stage where it is performed.

 Tango has expanded its boundaries, becoming more than just a dance. It has become a form of art with international significance.

Our repertoire consists of different tango styles, though the music by Astor Piazzolla, the precursor of Tango Nuevo, the artist who moved the tango from cabaret to the world’s biggest music halls –still remains the favourite and beloved to us.
We have the intention to let the public feel how large the field of emotions in this music is, how deep and touching it can be, regardless the time it was composed. All we bring to the public is what we call:

"¡Si, Eso es Tango!" (Yes, this is Tango) or simply  "SIESTANGO"












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Mobile Netherlands: +31 (0) 626774170

Email: info@siestango.com