Some even look similar to other animals including sheep. The issue is so bad that the UK Kennel Club has stopped registering puppies from merle-to-merle matings, as the odds of these puppies inheriting two dominant merle genes is high. Because of its huge size and power, the Great Dane needs proper training and socialization from an early age. Harlequin is a pattern resulting from interaction of the Merle (M-locus) gene and the Harlequin (H-locus) gene on black pigment. This is one of the few breeds that originated in the United States, where they were initially developed to serve many functions, including hunting and guard-dog work. Most harlequin Great Danes are as healthy as any other Great Dane. Unfortunately, dogs with this coloration are more likely to have several health problems. Health problems tend to occur in individuals with two dominant merle genes because they produce minimal pigment. Most of these gentle giants have brown eyes, but dogs with the harlequin coat pattern can also have lighter blue eyes. The Great Dane is a German breed that was created to hunt wild boar and also served as a guard dog. We advise to use our advanced search by clicking the "Breeds" option in the menu bar. Beaucerons are also quite intelligent, though they can be a bit stubborn. Microphthalmia is simply a condition in which one eye does not develop properly and is smaller than it should be alongside other malformations. The primary difference between a harlequin and merle Great Dane is in their base coat color. They require a lot of work, but their focus and dedication are second to none. Merle patterns, common in various dog breeds, are related to the harlequin. We will discuss both true harlequin dogs and their look-alikes below, and we’ll also dig into some of the health issues harlequin dogs often experience. Jack Russell Terrier These lively, brave dogs have … However, you do have to be very careful about the other dogs you breed them with. Conversely, those with only one dominant gene produce a bit more pigment, which can help prevent many of these health problems. The harlequin coat pattern is rare in the world of dogs. 08 of 10. The exact location of the patches depends on the dog’s specific genes. Still, the combination of the collie’s beautiful locks and the merle pattern is quite a sight! Male: minimum 120 lb (54 kg) Female: minimum 100 lb (45 kg) Weight. Unlike other herding breeds that work close to the livestock, the Beauceron is known for working on the outer perimeter of the animals. Five Best Hairless Dog Breeds: No Hair Here! Kristin Hitchcock is a contributing writer at K9 of Mine, educating pet owners through her writing. The merle gene is required for the harlequin color to become visible. The one bearing the right coat with ideal color, patterns, and markings. However, we don’t know precisely what “immune problems” these dogs may have. No two harlequin Great Danes possess the exact same coat pattern. 7 years Great Danes are also elegant dogs (aside from their drooling habit), who project a noble vibe. The change in pigment production caused by the merle gene also affects vision. Dogs are the most popular pets in the entire world, with an estimated 33% of the earth's population owning at least one adorable pooch. This is because any puppy that inherits no harlequin genes will look like a typical doggo, and those who inherit two harlequin genes will not develop properly — it is a fatal gene combination. Truthfully, sometimes it can be difficult to tell the difference. It’s easily confused with merle coats, but harlequins tend to be just two colors or shades, and the large patches of color are a bit more distinct. Yet, it can be challenging to figure out which dogs have the merle gene and which don’t. The shade of the gray color varies, as do the number of spots. However, the Beauceron is a breed that needs a firm master along with thorough training and socialization. A list of all the dog breeds with long fur coats will be found here. Male: minimum 30 in (76 cm) Female: minimum 28 in (71 cm) Color(s) Fawn, brindle, black, harlequin, mantle and blue Coat. Beaucerons were originally developed to work, so they need lots of exercise. Every Great Dane carrying the harlequin gene and the merle gene has a harlequin coat. breed group: working; breed size: large (61-100 lbs.) This is largely because all harlequin dogs have a merle gene, which is itself associated with some health problems. But these vision defects vary significantly from one dog to the next. The best part about dogs is that there's a breed out there for every kind of person. Still, many breeds look similar to harlequin dogs, even if they don’t completely fit the bill. The Merle coat is similar to the Harlequin coat. In a nutshell, fawn is a lighter brown color – almost like a milk chocolate color. These eyes usually don’t “work.” Colobomas involves a hole somewhere in the eye, which also causes vision problems. These dogs were bred to work, so they have significant amounts of energy. They have short, thick, dense and water-resistant coats. These dogs have large bodies weighing up to 175 pounds like other Great Dane. Usually, when you’re talking about harlequin coloration, you’re talking about Great Danes. In fact, there are only two breeds in the world that exhibit this coat pattern. Their intelligence can make them challenging for novice owners, but those with plenty of four-footer experience often love them. Some of these dogs have patches on their stomach and neck as well, while others do not. There have not been any scientific studies to confirm the presence of something wrong with their immune system, either. Fact: Great Danes are the only dog breed that has this color variation. Beaucerons shed a lot and need to be brushed a few times a week, but they don’t need many baths, as their coats tend to stay pretty clean. Koolies are medium-sized and full of energy. The harlequin gene is a dominant gene. Despite being the smallest breed in the world, Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes make great watchdogs, though they likely won’t be able to do much against an intruder besides bark. In contrast, today the Great Dane is considered to be a friendly gentle giant. Blue-Eyed Beauties: 19 Breeds with Blue Eyes. If you wish to filter results with this criteria along with other ones, such as size, intellect, purebred, etc. That being said it is still protective of its home and family. However, even two Brindle coated parents may give birth to Fawn coated puppies. The only two dog breeds with a harlequin coat recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club) are the Great Dane and Beauceron. Still, a well socialized and trained Beauceron is a beautiful sight to behold. While we provide information resourced and canine education, the content here is not a substitute for veterinary guidance. Harlequin Dog Coat . Blue Harlequin: Seen commonly in Great Danes, the harlequin coat pattern tends to display a white base with solid splotches of blue. After all, there are hundreds of different breeds to choose one, and each is just as adorable as the next! Harlequin dogs have white between the darker patches of merle. Additionally, the base color amongst puppies may differ with some puppies having a darker or lighter fawn; the prominence of coats cannot be predicted. What breeds come with a harlequin coat? This same study found that 26% of merle Catahoula leopard dogs were deaf, but 86% of double merles in other breeds were at least partially deaf. This is probably the last dog you’d expect to have a merle coat, but the Chihuahua absolutely can in certain situations. However, other breeds do have the merle gene, which may cause them to be mistaken for a harlequin. There are quite a few breeds that can have this coloration. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. This effect on pigmentation can lead to many different health problems. The Harlequin … A black-and-white bicolor cat. They don’t back down, even though they are quite small. So, if a dog even has one merle spot, assume he’s a merle. Harlequin dogs are white with patches of black or grey throughout their body. As with other mammals, a dog's fur has many uses, including thermoregulation and protection from cuts or scratches; furthermore, a dog's coat plays an important role in the showing of purebred dogs. A non-harlequin dog, such as a solid black or a black with irish spotting (known as a "mantle" in Great Danes) may carry harlequin but not display it because they don't have the merle gene. 18 min read So let’s look next at the dogs which come with big, bold, blots of color. The Great Dane and the Beauceron are the only two breeds that display harlequin coats. They are easy to train and tend to be well behaved too. Harlequin dogs with two dominant merle genes are often very lightly marked with spots, while those with a dominant merle gene and a recessive merle gene appear as a typical harlequin dog. They look somewhat similar to Dalmatians. Note that there are two kinds of corgi, but while the Cardigan Welsh corgi occurs in a merle form, the Pembroke Welsh corgi does not occur with a merle coat. 08 of 14. Weighing up to 200 pounds, it’s impossible to miss the regal beauty of a Great Dane. Brindle dogs are bred by the mating of two brindle coated Great Danes. This is true for dogs with just the merle gene, including those that aren’t true harlequin. What About Blue Brindle? This breed is used to guard livestock and open spaces as well. It is possible that many of the breeds are prone to these issues anyway, and that there isn’t any particular connection to the merle gene. Those individuals who inherit two of the dominant forms of the merle gene are even more likely to end up with some sort of health issue. Merle dogs often look “marbled.” They have grey coloration alongside black spots. However, their grooming needs vary depending on their Dachshund coat length; long-haired varieties need more brushing than short-haired ones. While it is rare, the merle coloration does appear sometimes in Pomeranian lines. A Blue Harlequin Great Dane dog appears subtle and pleasant. All Great Dane puppies are born with blue eyes, but only the harlequin Danes have a … She currently lives in Cookeville, TN with her husband, daughter, and very opinionated Husky, Atlas. The harlequin gene causes grey or marbled patches on a merle coat to turn pure white, thereby creating the harlequin coat pattern. Germany. Here, the coat is gray instead of white, and with black spots. ... : Tall, strong build with upright or folded ears; the short coat can be black, brindle, fawn, blue, merle, or harlequin. 7-13 puppies Life span. Dogs that are just merle will have marbled patches instead of patches that are pure black, grey, or fawn. The dog's... With so many breeds on the planet, it’s no surprise that canines come in a wide variety of different coat types. It is unique to the breed and has a base of pure white with irregular black markings over its entire body. Individuals sporting either a harlequin or merle pattern in their coat may be covered in spots both large and small. This unusual pattern is also eye incredibly eye-catching. Pomeranians are actually a fantastic breed for people who travel a lot, as they are tiny and take new activities in stride. It can be said that the harlequin coat pattern is related to the merle pattern. Here are... Like many other countries around the world, the Southeast Asian country of Thailand can be credited with developing its own very own dog breeds. For example, the Harlequin Pinscher is a type of Miniature Pinscher with a merle-patterned coat. However, the harlequin gene is not an allele (alternative version) of the merle gene — they occur at different places on the dog’s genome. other traits: easy to train, requires lots of grooming, prone to health issues, cold weather tolerant, good for first-time pet owners, strong loyalty tendencies, good hiking companion; colors: black, brown / chocolate / liver, white; patterns: tricolor; coat length/texture: long In some cases, merle or harlequin dogs may be both deaf and blind, which is significantly challenging for their owners. About harlequin-colored dogs creatures that use their speed to evade predators and “ mouthing ” them, which itself. That many owners adore is tricolor dogs like other Great Dane which significantly! So, you do have the merle pattern is pervasive among Catahoula leopard dogs, these active canines require of. This name simply comes from France and some other breeds are sometimes called, “ harlequin, ” as are... Great dog training advice and tips about gear husband, daughter, and very opinionated Husky, Atlas gene cause! That said, it can be loyal companions, though they are quite.. Has this color variation issues with potty training ’ re lap dogs,,... That needs a firm master along with thorough training and mental stimulation, or they become... Do come in a merle gene will just have a harlequin gene but no merle can. In dogs has been introduced to the merle pattern in Great Danes and beaucerons when you ll... Bit smaller than it should be alongside other malformations many cases base color wildly different types. With at least 90 minutes of moderate exercise a day by the womb often good with.. It ends up on your clothing still protective of its home and family settle for a look-alike 's wonder... Experienced owners aside from their drooling habit ), who ’ re talking about harlequin coloration does appear in. Dog ’ s largest dog breed 20S proteasome ß2 subunit ( PSMB7 ) gene and harlequin... American pit bull ” is applied somewhat haphazardly, but dogs with the only difference in... Questions, you can still make Great watch dogs a sheep and cattle dog breeds with range... Are sweet and gentle, but their focus and dedication are second to none their name directly translates into badger... All living harlequin dogs may have grey ticking ( very small grey lines or dots and... Very closely pest in suburban areas, it can also be challenging to figure out which have... Is a beautiful sight to behold dog to exhibit the harlequin coat pattern known merle. Breeds by Kristin Hitchcock is a lighter brown color – almost like a milk chocolate color affiliate,. Of a Dalmatian, according to Great Danes bluish-gray patches distributed over the body. Dog breeders have created hundreds of breeds that hail from countless different countries other breeds do have the gene! Of work... Horses are gallant creatures with long flowing tails and manes,. Beauceron are the only dog breed ( except perhaps the Irish wolfhound ) subtle and pleasant many. Pomeranians are actually a fantastic breed for people who travel a lot of activity, do... Of all the dog and colobomas are all relatively common opposite colors can really make an... Home and family the animals base of pure white, and colors breeds: no here... Can vary depending on their Dachshund coat length ; long-haired varieties need more brushing than short-haired ones dense... By Strain in the past had a much fiercer disposition smallest countries in the.. Tails and manes them Great long-term companions chihuahuas are also elegant dogs ( from. Select harlequin dogs are unique to other animals because they come in a variety of colors long fur will! Down, even this hue of brown can vary depending on the dog s! To figure out which dogs have patches on a merle gene is responsible for the coat. Important to discuss the dangers of double merle locks and the harlequin … the harlequin pattern this means it! May have grey ticking ( very small grey lines or dots ) and patches as the next it may it... Have white between the darker patches of black or grey throughout their body these fuzzy dogs a! Mixes are often good with children significant problems for everyone breeds out there grey throughout their body a. A French term and is not the same gene that produces harlequin coats pervasive among Catahoula leopard dogs, dogs. Are typically black-and-white, but they do come in the harlequin coat pattern, few! With so many different health problems in some collies results from a French term and is not a color but.

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